– Who we are –

Exploring the ‘Canadian Way’, Nouveau North will probe, facilitate, create and lead in the direction we ought to be moving as Canadians.


Payam Shalchian

Like many Canadians, I have grown up to appreciate two cultures. Learning and embracing their respective values, I have finally framed for me what it means to be Canadian. Like historians on the Silk Road, I romanticize the Maritimes for having captured the Canadian spirit. I see Nouveau North as a vehicle to drive us to a place of discovery and appreciation for who we truly are.

I am a design strategist and business designer.

Jamie Black

Believe it or not, I spend a lot of time defending Canada to Canadians! Having traveled, lived and worked in over 40 countries I have learnt a thing or two about what the world thinks of us and our country. I feel Canadians are at a crossroad today. We are building Nouveau North to help communicate that we really do have a good thing going here.

I am a writer, strategist and facilitator.